Mar 21, 2008

Shirt.Woot.Com/Derby - SPRING & Buster caught a bat.

I left the door open to the monkey hut and a baby bat flew in and couldnt figure how to get out. The kitties went apeShit. There's no other word that would appropriately describe their reaction.

Buster ended up catching the bat, and torturing it.

At first she started in with the verbal insults...

Here are my entries for this week's themed contest at woot.

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kat said...

Oooh! I love them both. I really like the concept of the second one. You're so good at birds too, I totally heart your owls!

Guess what! I got an email from the Marketing Director of the distribution company I've been in contact with and as of right now, they want to carry my whole line! We have to discuss production issues, a positive problem if you ask me. Maybe soon I'll be rollin' in the dough you've been rollin' in. I know you don't think it's much, but I think it's something you should be really proud of. I'm in awe of your motivation and successes.