Mar 20, 2008

Imogen Update

It's evolving into a big ugly square design, opposed to the inverted triangular design I had planned. For a poster, its fine, but Im thinking this is a t-shirt... so...

(I just looked at it again. I think I might make it a little more egg shaped. Have the smoke and water meet up top in a twirly congress of delicious interweaving line. Wouldnt that be cool? Since the water will most likely be blue with white highlights, they should melt into each other.)

The child is gone from the original sketch, but I think since the book is still in it, it still hints at being about the imagination of the mind. Although I had orignally hoped to convey a message about living life as you would in your imaginations and dreams. Meh.

We'll see how it grows.

1 comment:

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