Mar 20, 2008

Recycling Old Art & Blog Layout Update & Exciting Statistics

A stranger from the internet responded to my blog inquiry about istock. Here's some crazy statistics about how much people make from their stock vectors.

This guy is making about $2200 per month.

This guy is making about $3500 per month.

This guy is making about $8000 a month.

This guy is making conservatively $11,000 a month. HIs stuff pretty basic, crazy!

How exciting is that? After building a library of 1000 stock vectors, you could probably just coast and take on whatever project you would like...

It wouldnt take long... A year to four years.

Say if you worked 8 hours on one piece. Thats obviously an over estimation. But
40 hours a week, 50 weeks = 2000 hours
2000 hours / 8 hours per piece = 250 pieces created in an years time.
1000 pieces conservatively will take 4 years.

So realistically, if you were to cut the time in half, it would take 2 years to create a library of 1000. Not bad, if you can figure out what sells, to end up even earning $50,000 in passive income.

As you can see, I updated the blog with some ads of my own products. Any critiques or comments about the layout would be welcome. Still working on the RSS Brad recommended. Seems like too much work, although it may make readership grow. Depends.

I've recycled an old art piece into a shirt. Im pitching it to a company. I hope they go for it. It would be rad to see this as a huge print. It didnt fair too well when I had it available as a print. Once I get famous... HAHAH... the few people who bought the watercolor canvas prints for $25 should be happy with their investment.

****EDIT - Positive Feedback. There's actually a great chance this might be a winner! WORD!

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