Mar 21, 2008

Unplugging from the Matrix & Exerting My Will

I'm probably staying at the ranch through Wednesday, then Ill be on the road for the 1800+ miles...

So I will be unplugging from the Matrix, aka, The Internetz by earliest Tuesday night

So most likely,

1. If you write me, I most likely wont write back. Not that, I write back ANYWAYS cause Im horrible at keeping up.

2. I wont be posting this upcoming week after Tuesday.

3. Before I depart, Im going to try to exert my will and try to make the most awesome thing Ive made. Ill probably just try to finish Imogen... although Im not sure of its awesomeness potential.


PS: I watched the Spiderman set of movies.

1. Is that Bruce from Evil Dead? (which inspires me to do a design... maybe one day, guys over at would love a zombie/skull/monster shirt)
2. I've kissed a girl upside down like in the famous kiss btwn Spiderman and the girl with the funky but awkwardly cute teeth. It isnt that great or romantic.
3. Great movies BTW. The special effects and production values are tremendous.
4. I hated and still hate that Nickelback? song. Something about hero... blah blah
5. The Newspaper boss guy is the most awesome character Ive seen in a while.
6. Spiderman 3 is horrendously awesome.

1 comment:

kat said...

I hate Nickelback too. If you didn't, we couldn't be friends.