Mar 16, 2008

FonzEhhh the Flop & New Personal Design with Tutorial (Video too!)

Well, Im alive. The horrible malaise has left me after 4 days.

I've started a new design. I hope to finish this soon, or it will get left in hiatus prison like the Joanna Newsom piece. Easton left for a vacation, and I thought I would spend the last week at the ranch in solitude crunching out some work uninterrupted... but Woe, his parents are coming to visit and tinker around the ranch. Unfortunately, Im sure his father will need me to help with some projects. The universe apparently doesnt want me to be alone...

Anyways, Im posting tutorials, process information, and VIDEOS about this new design over at woot forums. I plan to go through one stumbling through collecting the information, and then afterwards, I hope to do another one, but better. Closer to a refined, focused, and easy to read, coherent technical manual.

I think if I can do a really good tutorial on a really good piece of art, with easy to follow tutorials, AND make it funny too... It could be a product. How to Design T-shirts videos. Maybe. At least it will be good fodder to get traffic. It would be easy to imagine, books and magazines wanting to feature it. So I wont have to be the only promoter.


FonzEhhh has flopped over at It's anti artist week at woot. To celebrate this unfortunate waste of 5 hours of my life... I've wasted a few more minutes making several renditions of FonzEhhh.

Alien's Chest Burster is my favorite.

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Anonymous said...

Wow so I'm not the only artist that can cuss like a sailor.

Mike M