Mar 14, 2008

FonzEhhh! & The 5th Worst night of my life


This is a collaboration design by James Cho and myself for this week's themed "Canada!"

A splendid collaboration where we both really did 50-50. I drew head, he did the detail fill, he drew the jacket, I did the detail fill, etc.

After we finished and uploaded, I had the 5th Worst night/day of my life as I experienced one of the most heinous and painful migraine headaches I have ever experienced. I writhed in agony, wandered aimlessly like a blind zombie clutching my skull, and twisted restlessly for about 30 minutes as the my vision faded in and out. And then slowly but surely, the pain subsided into a dull throbbing which still exists. It's been culminating for the last 2-3 days. My eyes felt like exploding, and there was a dull screwdriver in the base of the back of my skull.

If anyone knows of any remedies if ever this occurs again, please contact me.

This has occured on 4 other occasions. I remember them quite vividly as they are probably on the pain scale of 11. Yes, Eleven baby, it goes all the way to Eleven!

One time I was at work, thankfully, no one else was there as I was the inventory guy. I remember writhing on the ground.

I think it also happened when i was a janitor at church. Thank goodness it was probably in the wee am hours long before Sunday church. I think that time was on the pre-school carpet that had the hop scotch game on it.


Im sleepin all day today.


Glen said...

Migranes are caused by very tiny clogs in the brain. (I get them myself). Anything that thins the blood a little helps, from hydration to some pain killers.

I have also found, for true hum-dinger headaches, that raising my endorphins as early as possible helps the body get a breather and sometimes recover, through vomiting...or more fun activities that raise endorphins.

Also, if you only rarely get really bad migranes, check for changes in diet or habits. Chocolate, red wine, peanuts, and a few other foods can cause migraines, wither solo or in combination. Do a quick jot down of your recent changes in diet and you could figure out your trigger.

Hope that helps!

-bryozoan (from woot)

kat said...

Why don't you just make your 10 more painful than their 10?

Anonymous said...

I think it'd be awesome if the informative poster above were correct, and maybe he is and I'm just wrong, but I have been told and still based on everything I read, there is no cure for migraines as they're not really sure what causes them for all people. Kinda like using a shotgun to kill a flock of birds I guess, depends on which way you point but you might knock out most cases.
I had them about once a month starting at age 10 and I ended up taking some prescription pill at the onset and that would stop them, then around age 17 I stopped having them and I didn't have one until around age 29, but very rarely and nowhere near as bad as when I was a kid (throwing up because the pain hurt so bad in my head).
If they're occurring sorta regular go see a doctor. Those pills before were great.
ps I think starting to smoke dope around age 17 cured it