Mar 12, 2008

Enquiry from Digital Arts magazine & Kudos Spammers

Enquiry from Digital Arts magazine

I was recently on your site and came across your excellent Motorcity collection of Jimiyo's illustrations that you're offering as a freebie. Could we get permission to include the set on our cover CD, which will promote your site to our readership for professional creatives? As well as appearing on the CD, you'd get coverage in the CD interface, its artwork and on our CD pages in the print magazine.

This was sent to Michael at

It's a moderately large magazine available at most Barnes & Noble or the like.

So that's another New Year's Resolution to cross off the list. It hasnt been printed yet and it's not a major feature so I would only rate this a 6.5 on the scale of 1 to 10 in goal attainment. More or less, the magazine needs freebies for marketing so it's more beneficial to them than it is for me... most likely. I bought a digital arts magazine once. I got the CD. I ripped all the gothic fonts someone took the time to make and give out for free, and I have no idea who it was from. We'll see, Im not one to count my eggs before their hatched. I suppose its a good line item on my credentials though... Meh.

Overall, I hope it leads to some sales over at, specifically my motorcity vector set. Papa needs a new O2 sensor, or possibly a new catalytic converter for the Suzuki.


Kudos Spammers. Nice art...

**I just threw a kitty treat to Buster, and hit her right in her open eyeball. LOL. She didnt seem to mind. She loves the treats.

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kat said...

kitty treat in the eye.. hehehe. it makes me giggle when you talk about kitties. I'm proud to have introduced you to icanhascheezburger