Mar 12, 2008

Coast Guard Shirt & Freelance so far...

I've been working on Coast Guard designs for Paramount.

Im kinda partial to this one. Drew from Hardcor Fightwear & Apparel wanted me to do a sketchy design for one of his design requests. So after doing his, I decided I'd try it for one of Paramounts designs. It's in a way alot easier to do than the clean lineart designs, and it does have a unique appeal by being rough.

I'll have done 5 shirts by the end of the week. Finally some income.


I will be sharing financial information about my freelance pursuit.

The main reason for sharing financial data is to let those who might be interested in freelance know that, it is possible to make money outside of being an employee. I never fathomed how I could make $1000 by myself last year when I was working for an employeer. I needed to expand my vision. Now I should expand my vision to think that I could make $60k-$200K, cause you only reach what you believe.

I guess freelance has gone well so far. I havent been working crazy hard, and so far on my $24,000 income goal (I know its low, I didnt know to anticipate lower/higher since this is my first year, and my motivation...)

I have earned

$7680 with the likelihood of of $4700 in scheduled work that's approximately 65% accountable. By accountable, I mean, sometimes clients fall out, not pay, retract project, etc.

So the attainment rate of my goal by the first quarter is at 32%, with the current potential of 51% final attainment.

HAHA.... All that talk sounds like the sales reports Dell Homes Sales used to send out to their sales reps. Runrate I believe is what they called it...

This is also excluding the possible average $150-$200 income I've consistently earned through Last month's pull was $600+. I would assume this number will go up as I upload more sets, or it may maintain a constant rate except for the inital release month of the new sets.

Also, apparently, my contest shirts are doing moderately well at, so there should be residual income from the $2 per shirt sold.

I think just like at any job, it will take a while to learn the process, but once I do, Ill get a raise. I've already bumped my per design prices to dissuade those clients that start out the email with "I dont have much money..." I'd rather deal with a solid company with history and cashflow.

I think what's exciting is that when there is down time, I can make whatever art I feel like and enter them into contests. Sometimes I win money, but regardless, being in a contest, doing a really good piece, always brings in customers. There will never be a time I have NOTHING TO DO.

I hate to say it, but I had a friend/coworker one time that said that all the work dried up and there's no way to make money as a freelancer. Im glad I never believed him.


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Rick Bradley said...

Yo yo yo foshizzle,
I know it's a different field (design/arts vs. computars/programmings), but when I left my slave^H^H^H^H^Hdesk job at the company doing software and set out on my own, my goal was to just be able to not starve. Then it became not ever have to go back to a job working for corporate assholes. Then it became getting my homeboys in on the action. Then it became making sure *we* didn't starve nor have to go back. Now it's getting to getting the *best* customers we can get, and making money while we're not working rather than only when we are. Etc.

That's not to say there won't be lean times and setbacks, just that I'm enjoying myself immensely now (where I was just looking for a way out from under the jackboot), making as much money as I was working for The Man, doing good work, hiking, playing music, playing video games, seeing people as people (instead of through some tunnel vision where I couldn't tell who was a robot and who wasn't), etc.

Power on, soul biotch!