Mar 10, 2008

Schedule, More Freelance, Vote Rock Lobster

You can still vote for Rock Lobster.
To vote, you must have bought a product from woot before though.

Rock Lobster should be animated... if not... go here to see it in its idiotic animated glory

Well the tentative schedule for me to ramble on to new pastures is approximately two weeks. I may visit a couple of people and make a mini road trip out of it, so it may take longer to arrive at my parent's home which is the first stop.

I'll write one day in this blog about my experiences. Im sure Ill contemplate the great significance of it while I am on the road.

I suppose I've accomplished what I desired, which is to jumpstart my freelance career, and now that I have flopped to the side of believing its possible without substantial difficulty, Im starting to feel like I would like to settle down somewhere and maybe even consider a semi permanent commitment to a residence. That feeling may be because it's ridiculously inconvenient for small things like bank accounts, car registration, and shipping to occur when you live in the middle of nowhere with an address that the postal office doesnt delivery to.

(Which has caused the loss of box of long sleeve shirts with an Jimiyo owl printed on it worth about $300-$500 wholesale. USPS said they tried delivery, but it aint here.)

Anyways I think I've picked up some more solid freelance work. Just got a shout from Paramount for some more military tees.

I've been quite selective with choosing clients. I get several hits for small time gigs, most of which I decline because of the subject matter. Unless they are a major established company with a market, most times, the client won't be able to substantiate paying me X dollars for the high end design they saw that attracted them.

Regardless, I think once I settle down into a semi permanent residence, hunker down, my freelance will take off considerably. If that happens, being on the ranch, I seriously fancy having a place of my own, to fix up, and have cats runnin around. A peaceful place, no neighbors. Neighbors, no matter how nice, can always end up being noisy crackheads. I have a recording one time at my last residence of a woman cracked up sobbing, screaming, and moaning loudly outside on the lawn underneath my balcony.


kat said...

My upstairs neighbor plays "Hey There Delilah" incessantly.

Rick Bradley said...

Yo, the Nashville community is going to try to suck you back like a magnet. Horse. Shoe. You can call me the big 'N', mister 'S'.

Fwiw, you can crash at our place anytime. We'll help you find a crib. Oh and we have katamari on the ps/2. As it warms up the back building also becomes habitable -- you can fight with Kate on the free rent tip, see who gets what, if you wanna.