Feb 12, 2008

DBH Please go Vote! & http://www.canubelieveit.com/


I also submitted this shirt of rehashed images and personal vectors for http://www.canubelieveit.com/ Don't get excited. I'm still wayward, and don't plan on going to church or picking up the Bible anytime soon, although I will have to say, this is based on 2 Samuel 17:10. I thought using the I's in INRI for stakes was pretty clever... Ooooo!

...Im irritated at entering all these contests and not winning.

At DBH, I have 5 designs in contest prison.
At woot 2.
At CanYouBelieveIt 1.
By the end of the month, Ill have more though.

I HAVE TO CHECK OFF, WIN CONTEST off my New Years Resolution.




This one was pretty interesting...

The segment about teenage girl reading tarot cards for adults was really poignant as well. I hope I never grow up.

Two young Mormons pound the pavement in Manhattan to try to convert some folk. It was interesting to find that they thought the experience, which is 2 years of self financed experience in constant rejection, would help them be awesome salesmen...

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