Feb 11, 2008

Revelations Tee #2 & Ranch Photos

I spent all last night collecting pieces from all my artwork from the last few years, and made a stock vector set of them.

Then I started to put them together for fun, and several hours later, Viola!

I still have 'personal best design' in the works, although, this might have pre-emptively taken that position.

I will be posting this at DBH sometime in this month.


Im updating Easton's Paria Canyon Guest Ranch website... Im uploading some photos along with updating the site.

To view some of the photos I took of the ranch and nearby scenery, take a look here


Im using simpleviewer which is an awesome free flash gallery thingamajig. Along with their free script for Photoshop CS2, its pretty easy to make a slick flash based gallery.

Duke the bold legged Horse is the coolest image. Find it.

Google... Simpleviewer. Its good.

Apparently, parenthesis is not handled by the server on which pariacampgrounds.com exists so I have to rename the files, and fix stuff in simpleviewer. If some images are missing or wont load, it will be fixed eventually.

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