Feb 13, 2008

Three Vector Sets with Freebies & Google Analytics

I'm almost finished making some more vector sets to sell through YouWorkForThem.com. I was starting to get discouraged about the lack of sales. It's moderate, but I was probably being a little too optimistic. $150 on a monthly basis isnt bad considering I now have the vectors I created in my arsenal for when I design shirts. I also only have a few sets on sale. I should just power through and attain the New Years Resolution of "Make 15 Vector sets" and forget about the sales. They will come...

Im making free sets that coordinate to each for sale set for promotions, so keep an eye out for some delicious freebies.

Here's a snapshot of my traffic using Google Analytics, which BTW, is awesome... to an extent.

The video game pixel art did well to increase traffic for a few days, but POOF! Here today, gone tomorrow.

One thing Ive learned from being featured in newszines, websites, etc. Unless you are in people's faces day in day out, one blurb in a magazine/media outlet/etc, you are forgotten. I suppose its like sales, unless you are out there, asking for attention ALL THE TIME, you'll never get it.

So, if someone says they'll get you tons of exposure, unless they are a massive media outlet efficient at attaining the attention of its target market, its unlikely anyone can really help you out. Most of the time, MEDIA needs you, they have to constantly create 'NEWS' to get people to come browse to substantiate the advertising fee they charge. (Im thinking its entertaining that I was a Mass Communications major in college... although the education hasnt been worthwhile or helpful, except for the obvious knowledge of the existence of media and its ability for utility.)

Regardless, I think Im going to do Metroid and Kid Icarus pixel art. To get a surge in traffic again. It seems, like the ocean tide, once it comes in, and goes away, it leaves signs that it was there... There is a slight increase of readership on this blog.

Thanks for reading!

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