Feb 14, 2008

Plunder All WIP for Shirt.woot.com

Im excited about this one! Im trying a new technique and its working perfect!

It's NOT hat big of a breakthrough technique. Im just using the pencil tool for the linework in Photoshop and not the brush. There's no anti-aliasing so selections are PERFECT! it works perfectly into my characteristic losersyncrasy of being too detailed oriented. Detail is great, but a waste of time if no one is going to notice.

Im also starting to play with patterns/etc. Really takes designs to that next level of artsyness. before I didnt have the intuition to add such small touches, but more and more Im getting in tune with creative expressions of shading, etc. Im happy. No more are my images just well rendered pieces of work. It's getting to the next level of understanding the nuances of pleasant aesthetics. Make sense?

This piece is representative of an interesting hurdle. I am doing this piece for shirt.woot which they will pay me at least $500, and $2 a shirt after the first day of sales.

So this design you could say, I get to design whatever I want, and Im getting paid $500. To be able to do that, the creative freedom without the lack of personal insecurity that it wont sell enough to make the money back, is tremendous gratifying.

They print up to 600 to 1500 pieces. I would confidently bet money that it sells out, not because of the design, but because they have a horrendous amount of traffic.

I wish I could pitch any business of giving me money to do whatever design I want...

Maybe one day.


Entertaining happenstance: I am banned from posting on the shirt.woot forums for approximately 30 hours again.

This time it was for "Advertising."

Someone attacked my work as being traced, so I posted the image below and sarcastically said in one of my most clever retorts EVER that "yup, I artistically, and skillfully, whittled 16 millions colors into a beautiful 2 color illustration. Im quite proud of how I handled the owl's texture. Nice eh? Go buy them here..."
and I posted the link to YWFT.

Oh yeah the person who attacked me was an anonymous user who had joined just to post that one comment against me.

I ended with something to the effect of "I hope you made you feel worthwhile by acknowledging your keen discernment of artistic technique!"


Then I got banned.

Then someone else came chimed in and said that they hoped I was being tongue and cheek as it came off as pompously proud.

The forums over there are full of internet trolls. I think they might not necessarily like artists to hang there and post, most of the work is done by amateurs who actually submit designs for fun.

They hate me, but Ive also met some wonderful people who are very encouraging. I am inundated with praise.

Ive always thought that if you dont have critiques, you arent doing well enough.

Unfortunately, Ive already wasted 10 minutes writing this blog, and many more minutes reading the forums over there after I slightly got irritated at being accused of pride, as really, seriously folks, I have a serious self esteem issue. HAHA.

So they accomplished their mission of affecting me.


Brad said...

Hey Jimi, you should make the full content of your entries available in the RSS feeds, instead of showing just the first four or five lines. I'm probably not the only subscriber with a lot of other feeds to read every morning.

Keep up the good work.

jimiyo said...

Thanks for the suggestion Brad, Ill have to look it up and see whats up. Never tried before.