Feb 16, 2008


I think I've landed a $1000 design. One that is based on whatever I want to design provided its high quality.
I might also have a lead for some more freelance gigs too.
One day, Im going to only do designs I want to, and make my living off of it.
In your face world.

** I was going to edit the above out after prof reading (hehe) because it sounds vain, or too confident, but Ive decided not to. If you want something you have to believe it, say it, act like its gonna happen. IMO.

A dream maybe one day, a house.
If wife and kids,
work from home, watch the kids while working.
If not kids, a couple of cats will do.
Atrium or breakfast room
With Plants I care for.
Coffee in the morning.
Midday, meet a friend for sushi.
An art show or two
Find more friends who like sushi and a little brew.
One day maybe.

Here's some good art I found...

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