Feb 14, 2008

New Vector Sets Available

All Hallows Eve, and all new Flourishes available at YouWorkForThem.com

I also uploaded my Tattoo and Flower sets last night along with Tattoo and Bird Freebies, so they should be coming out pretty soon.

The tattoo set, I hope is going to be very popular. It's an eclectic mix of images that are usually found in tattoo art. You could make several t-shirt designs just collaging some of the work in there. Some of the images could stand alone on a shirt. Rusted car, angel, good and evil sparrows, and more.

The sales are picking up. They have a promotion ad on the front page, so its driving some traffic. Hopefully they will use the freebies I uploaded to get more traffic.

Please help me remain unemployed (actually self employed) and go buy some vector sets!

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