Feb 18, 2008

Joanna Newsom Portrait

I felt myself slipping into a mild depression today, so I decided not to work. It's been a long time since Ive felt this way... probably since I left Tennessee. I remember I would say to my artist coworkers if I knew I was in a slump, the chemicals in my brain are off today.

So I started this Joanna Newsom portrait. It looks like total crap right now, but its going from

REALLY CRAPPY (check the jawline. perspective is off, and the neck.)

to MODERATELY CRAPPY (once i get the shading right, ive corrected the perspective and major contour mistakes, this could turn out pretty good.)

Here's a sardonic cartoon. Judy joked that she was attracted to me because I was a "tormented artist." Sometimes jokes do have a large element of truth... Everything is going my way, Im landing pretty decent gigs, and Im on my way to winning some contests, getting my name out there, etc. I shouldnt feel this way. I dont need affirmation, I dont need anyone telling me Im great, that I inspire them, etc etc. Cause no one else's comments are as valid as my own, which is 'never good enough.'

I should go hang out with the emos at Deviantart.com and listen to Hawthorn Heights like I was a teenager or something.

Despite the moodiness, good news on the freelance front today.
Ive been emailing Michael Young of YouWorkForThem.com because being a self centered artist, I wanted more exposure for my vector sets. Me wants more Moneyz! So YWFT recently sent out a newsletter pimping all the new vector sets, which a small admirable portion is the 5 sets Ive pumped out in the last two months. It worked. At least for today, Ive seen my sales profit go from $507 to $594. Usually it trickles from $7-12 every couple days.

I made some free vectors for them to pimp in the upcoming newsletters, I should get some more exposure.

Woe... Im still a sad little artist though. ;( hehe. ;j Must be bipolar to be down in the shitter and be able to make jokes at the same time about my chemical inbalance.

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