Feb 17, 2008

Plunder All Poster

I've been investigating having Plunder All screen printed as a poster. I think I've settled with VG Kids. It would be $400-$600 for about 100 pieces depending on size excluding shipping, tube mailers, etc. I may start with 8.5 x 11 as ideally, it would probably make for a better hanging for collectors than a 18 x 24. I REALLY WANT the 18 x 24. I fancy after I finish 6-10 similiarly styled designs to be in an art show. Wouldnt that be fly? 6-10 Highly detailed three color screen prints on the stark white walls of a gallery. Simple and clean.

I was thinking if I did pursue this idea, I would convert Athena and Revelations, possibly High Hopes and Nashvillain, all to 3 color prints, with more detail.

If I ever get some free time, which wont be for at least to early March, Id like to do a illustration of Joanna Newsom. She's a harpist/singer. Her voice takes a bit (maybe a lot) to get used to but, talented regardless. This aint no music you go bumping in your car.

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