Feb 18, 2008

This is the plan.... Juxtapoz

So far tonight...

Im going to get the Plunder All Printed.
Im going to finish Joanna Newsom portrait and make it the craziest good piece of art Ive done.
Im going to finish one more major tee for company X.

Then Im going to pitch Juxtapoz and see if I can get in the magazine, or at least online.

Beforehand, Ill have to pitch whoever represents Joanna Newsom and whoever took the photograph to give me permission to submit it as a piece of fan art.

Be hard to refuse, if it ends up being a reallly good piece of art, cause it would be a synergy of promotions.

I know its a crazy idea, but I figure, if I tried for 5 years to pitch Juxtapoz, I'd eventually get in. Dont you think? Provided I continue getting better and putting out work.

If the digital piece turns out really good, I could submit it to a variety of digital art sites. I've had my sites on CGtalk.com, but that place is difficult to crack... You have to be the Elite of the Elite digital artists there, and they have a penchant for super HYPER realistic art. Beyond real... and Im far far from it.

We'll see....

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