Feb 10, 2008

February Master Plan

I have a master plan for February. I will not be taking on any new freelance gigs.

1. tshirt design (in the works)
2. create how to design tshirt tutorial with free
vectors (used to create tshirt from #1)
3. order limited edition paper prints
4. finish separate similar design element vector set
5. finish freebie vector set
6. submit tee design to contest
7. submit vector set to YWFT
8. submit freebie vector set to YWFT
9. spam like crazy everywhere. digg. reddit. forums.

goal: win contest for shirt, sell some prints, gain
popularity, and sell some ywft vectors.

The content and the art will be there once Im finished. It will require the 50-50 chance of the article and artwork getting noticed by blogs online for this whole thing to work.

The combination of free vectors, and hopefully in the end cool art, should help the chances.

BTW, this new shirt design, is probably IMO the coolest thing Ive done... even better or on par with the Pirate shirt thats on the Backburner.

Regardless of the results, I will have:

a new awesome vector set to sell
a freebie vector set that will have my name on it
a new tshirt design to pimp and possibly win money with

And I will have significant data and experience in what worked, what didnt work, in regards to internet promotions.

I think this thing... is going to kick some ass.

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