Feb 9, 2008

New Tee Idea - Refusal

I have the Pirate shirt in the works, but I had to comp this one before it escaped from me. Just collaging the idea. I don't want to be vain, but I think if I follow through with my vision, this is going to be the best piece I have done so far. The Pirate is cool, but I dont think it will have the same impact as this.

I think I getting closer to breaking through to the next level.

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Maximus Doom said...

You make some very valid points about the next level."
I have been watching your site and you are definitely good. I enjoy your pushing of the envelope. Having visited Utah a short while ago, there's no doubt that you will have time to make your discoveries and quantum leaps. My last leap happened when I tried to forget everything I thought I knew about design; I had felt another leap about to happen last month, but I dont feel it now....not sure what that means.... Good luck!!! (but we know luck has little to do with it)