Feb 10, 2008

Vector Magic - Stanford geeks really know how to do it - Free Vectorizing Product

I've been using Illustrator to vectorize my raster graphics for some vector products over yonder at YouWorkForThem.com, but I recently used Stanford's free online utility. It's got to be the most awesome piece of software for vectorizing EVER. I've used it a couple times, and I'm sold. Illustrator is just frustrating and slow as molasses. VectorMagic even allows you to choose the number of colors in the output... which Illustrator does too, but in a sucky way.

BTW, Im coming out with a TATTOO DESIGN ELEMENT based Vector Set for YWFT, along with my new shirt design. It will take a couple weeks to finish the whole vision for the multipronged internet promotions/product pimping/tutorial/freebie vector idea, but I think it's going to be really sweet.

Keep an eye out for good (free) stuff...


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