Feb 20, 2008

Counting Eggs before Chickens Lay Them

Tis not madness to keep a sullen soul,
So long as the spirit sees the ebb
Of the life in which we toil,
undulates from sadness and glee. -me.

Troy White messaged me today. He's requested my assistance is creating some speculative work for a major company. I cant post the work until its printed, if ever. I hope he/they like what I do for them, cause it will be a huge leap forward on the client list.

Youworkforthem.com has actually been doing pretty good for me lately. This is my 3rd month, and this month I uploaded some more vector sets. This month to date, Ive made $400 from the vector sets. The tattoo set has been excelling followed by the botanicals, and flourishes. The bird set, is pretty much dead. I guess birds arent so cool these days in design.

Got my second check from Paramount. Finally got my bank account open here in Utah, well actually Arizona since I LIVE in Utah, but the closest city is Page, Arizona. It's odd, Page is inhabited by mostly native indians. Navajo I believe. The kids really like skateboarding clothes.

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