Feb 20, 2008

Instant Pestering & Uneetee & Jemma

Although I don't prefer IM, it seems business necessitates I use it.
So AIM username - jimibenedict

Jemma, 3 years old, was playing with, RATHER, holding one of the kitties against it's will the other day. It scratched her.

She said, "Fine, go then!" irritated.

I found it interesting a child would have that reaction. A quick twinge of vindictive bitterness towards the object to which she was trying to show fondness, though inappropriately.

... or maybe, I thought, I am childish as it may be an immature reaction if this young child expressed it. Many times, if situations do not occur as I wish, feelings not reciprocated, the same regard shown as I would show, I do exactly as Jemma did.

She also said a dirty word the other day. Appropriately in usage/grammar.


I hadn't submitted this tee anywhere so I tweaked to fit the 4 color limit, and Im submitting to http://www.uneetee.com/. Please vote. Ill post the link once I have confirmation of its acceptance.

Sawdust and Diamonds.

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