Feb 20, 2008

Out of Rut & Free Newsom Music

Well after sleeping 16 hours, Im out of my rut and back on track.

I think I got in a rut, because as they say, I started to see the obstacles therefore lost sight of my goals.

I vowed to myself that I would go at this thing, this thing being a highly focus attack on trying to become successful at this art thing... for two years, before I essentially go back to the normal life. By two years I figured I could probably have the freelance thing off the ground, and better financially suited for settling down.

Being out on the ranch, I miss my family, and my friends and Judy, and the normal life. Alhtough I am happy to be doing art, and I have Easton, Cathy, and Jemma, but I am still quite isolated for a single man.

The trekkers and tourists will be here shortly, but they are just that. Tourists. Nothing more than personalities like a tv show, here for a limited time. And similar personalities will rerun the whole season, but most likely nothing exciting just like on television.

Nothing is attained without some sacrifice. If I keep on track, something will fall out of this experience.


Im excited to work on the Newsom Portrait, but I have to put that on the backburner while I finish up some tshirt designs which could result in some good exposure, and income.

BTW, you can download a few free songs by Joanna Newsom at http://home.fromamouth.com/milkymoon/

They are recordings from live performances so the quality is not great, but regardless, even a faded and dusty painting by a master still retains its greatest under the dust eh?

My favorites are Emily, Sadie, and Sawdust and Diamonds.

Good Day!

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