Nov 24, 2007

Back in Utah & Birds& Tutorial Link

Well I'm back in Utah. After a 20 hour drive I arrived at the ranch, trees all void of leaves, and no campers!

I had a great time with Judy in Canada. I decided to leave early since I was totally bored during the day since the Canadian border patrol wouldn't allow me to take my computer to do work. I was starting to feel a little worthless considering I was starting to get some art momentum going before I had left. It's Art Time YO! I really have to start earning some money. I've been unemployed since July, and I yearn for those level up moments when I reach a new level of craft skill or learn a new technique. I haven't done anything I feel is anything out of my normal skill level for a while.

We visited Banff which was impressive, and took a short hike up Cat Creek in the rockies. Canada was cool. Cold really. I had to invest in some long johns! I'll post photos sometime... (yeah right, another thing to put on the to do list)

Beyond that, I have to say the highlight of the trip was doing nothing (even if it eventually made me unhappy). It's been a while since I've vegged out in front of the TV.

Road Warrior: Thunderdome - Love Tina Turner as the villain. "Arent we a pair... Raggedety man, goodbye soldier" How cool is she?

Dodgeball - I haven't laughed so much in a long while. The movie is so stupid, and so funny.

Brokeback Mountain - Damn good drama movie. If you can get past the homosexuality, the story is great and touching. Sure the religious community probably doesn't like it, but I would assume some of the difficulties and sometimes atrocities against homosexuals do occur. During the movie, I thought it silly that Christian organizations like the 700 club make bumper stickers that promote their disdain for homosexuality cause really, why isolate specific sins? You don't see them making bumper stickers like "Fatty Fat Fatties are wrong." A sin is a sin. Gluttony and not taking care of one's temple is a sin right? It's OK for that Baptist pastor to be overweight, that's the Baptist Pastor archetype eh? Being that over half of America are overweight, wouldn't that be a larger group to go after? I can't imagine gays are over 50% of the population. Smokers, drinkers, porn addicts, etc are probably also a larger precentage. Blah blah... soapbox.

Better get back to work.

I posted a very simple tutorial on using paths to create nice curvy lines in photoshop at my new blog address.

More to come!

Work work.

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