Nov 13, 2007

Canada Entry Refused

I got to the border.

After grilling me with a bunch of stupid and very personal questions, they checked my car, and was leary that I had my computer, and my filebox with me. So I had to go back to Shelby, MT, stay another two nights, wait for Monday for the storage facilities to be opened, store my computer and filebox, (which BTW, if ever stolen or lost, IM TOTALLY SCREWED. All my financial data, all my art, everything! so it was hard for me to just leave it somehwere... ) then I had to find a store that had internet and a printer, because they wanted to see printouts of the available cash to prove my ability to sustain myself while in Canada.

But after I stored my computer/filebox, got a printout of all my money accounts, I was finally let in to Canada less computer, less personal documents, less aaproximately $200 for lodging, storage, gas, and living expense for those two days I was stranded outside the border.

Im at Judy's place now though, and she came to visit me in Montana while I was stuck, so it wasnt so bad. Though, it was totally ridiculous and nerve racking to know that my fate was up to the whim of some border officer who had no valid reason to keep me out the first time.

To curtail any further problems of crossing borders, we're getting married to circumvent the problem.

JOkes jokes. I kid I kid.


Rick Bradley said...

Damnation, yo, that shit is wacked! Glad you made it over ok.

So are you gonna have the hitching in Canada, Utah, TN, or someplace in international waters? Maybe we can hold your wedding in outer space...

Let me know. I'll bring the astronaut helmets.

Tyson said...

I think you would have had less problems if you had laid off the drunken mounty jokes.

Sorry, to hear that... Cantcrossada. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

Jokes are sometimes feelers, feelers of what if I were not joking. That's kinda crazy they gave you a hassle, you must've told them the truth about how long you intended to stay and such as opposed to the get out free "tourist for 1 week". have fun, and you know, everyone talks about how clean it is there