Nov 24, 2007

Answers from childhood found...

I spent hours and hours on the C64 as a child and I could never beat most of the games. On the drive down from Canada, I thought about Rick's Leet Haxor shirt I never designed, but I thought about a game Snookie on the C64 where if you died, a pixelated skull would pop up and wink at you. I thought that would be a cool icon to put on the shirt. I googled Snookie, and found a video of someone playing it and beating the game. Along with several other ones I could never beat. After over 2 decades, I now know the answer that has been haunting my subconscious. I can die now if I were fated to do so with a satisfied mind.

1 comment:

Rick Bradley said...

OMG I can't believe I watched all of those.

I also can't believe the guy playing game 2, (a) can do that shit, and (b) didn't hunt down the game's author with a serrated cricket bat. That shit's out of hand. I swear I could smell his palm sweat on that old black joystick handle.

But, hey, what else do I come to for?

Hahahaha. Hey, if you ever wanna rock out on the 2600 (or at least the emulator) for a few days, just let me know. I've got yer Yars Revenge right here, bucko.