Jul 26, 2007

Day 19: Up to now Update

Found the internetz! in Crescent City!

ATV - Dead Cow: In Paria/Page/Kanabe at the Ranch, Easton, Cornelia, Jemma, and I went for ATV rides and a hike into some unexplored slot canyons. We found a dead cow at the end of a dead end. Up until now, the only place Ive seen dead cows was at burger joints and groceries. This one wasnt in between buns and lettuce unfortunately.

Partied a bit with some Trek America travelers. I've given or sold shirts to many of them now so now my shirts will exist in Japan, Korea, the UK, Netherlands, where ever Dutch people live, Australia, Britian, and I think one on Mars.

Zion National Park - I drove through Zion National Park. It was quite beautiful, although I neglected to stop to hike. I was on my way to San Fran so I was eager to get going.

At Zion, I drove through about 2 miles THROUGH the mountains. They had carved through them somehow. Nice mountains, and trees relentlessly breaking through the rock mountains and peaking out on from the top.

Extraterrestrial Highway - I barely saw anyone for 30-60 miles. It was quite stunning driving down about 150 miles of flat straight road. To either side of me were mountains but driving through the middle they were most likely 15-30 miles away. It was cloudy but sunny, somewhat interesting as I was waiting for an alien spaceship to come breaking through the clouds as the light did. No ET though, bummer... cause I really liked ET.

All throughout my drive, I passed through several quaint towns with one stop light. Some had the Sherrif waiting for the unsuspecting traveler for a speeding ticket. I imagined they were much like Boss Hog on Dukes of Hazard, or Barney Fife, just waiting for their big crime of the day.... or month.

Yosemite National Park - I drove all night to come through the back entrance of Yosemite. The back or east side entrance was much more beautiful than the west. The national parks have become somewhat of a blur, so I dont recall much. Tall trees, big mountains... etc. Walked around on a mountain lake beach. Saw some wonderful birds, blue in color, looked somewhat like some woodpeckers

San Francisco - Bunk. I guess I am small town. Otherwise I wouldnt be moving to Utah on a ranch where I know I will spend a majority of my time in solitide or with little human interaction. I did walk the Golden Gate bridge. Many foriegners there... I overhead a Japanes girl saw "Sugoieeeee!"... "Amazing" I think...

Point Reyes - Muir Overlook - You wold think I would have already seen the most beautiful things, yet I continue to be amazed at the wonderful sites I am discovering. Muir Beach overlook used to be a WWII? overlook on the coast of CA. The fog was rolling in, and the cliffs were being pounded by the ocean. The wind was gusty and cold, but I was alone on the top of the cliffs looking over the ocean. It was probably one of the most memorable times of the trip.

The fog was so low, it was as if I was on an airplane looking out the window....

The CA coast drive was fun. The road is like the Audobon. I've actually never been to the Audobon, so I am assuming its very curvy. It's much like a roller coaster, every few hundred feet I was having to do 15mph turns up and down the mountains.

Henry Woods State Park - Met a friendly park ranger girl who I spoke to for a bit. Henry woods is comprised of redwoods, not the tallest, but impressive nevertheless. Apparently there was hermit that lived in a shack made in the park for 18 years eating squirrel, fruit, etc. He distrusted the RUssians. hehehe.. I have pictures of his shack.... no HBO, or free coffee....

Russian Gulch - Upon recommendation from the park ranger I hiked the Russian Gulch trail. 4.5 miles round trip.

It was beautiful... Monsterously tall trees covers in foliage, lush green moss, CDC Prisioners in FLAMING BRIGHT ORANGE jumpsuits clearing the path. I had to pass them twice, they were very friendly, weilding old handle bush trimmers with blades... I think one of them said, "See that guy, that's gay." HAHA.

The 2.2 mile hike into the forest ended at a waterfall. It was quaint. Not so big, I dont think I would do it again if I had to.

Fort Bragg - Glass Beach - Another recommendation from the ranger. Apparently formerly covered in glass bottles, the waves eventually smoothed the rocks on the beach into nicely rounded fragments. The glass was EVERYWHERE... brown, blue, white, clear, and yellow fragments of polished glass made up the beach. Worth the short trip...

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m.m. said...

glad to see you reached the west coast - although i'm dissappointed that you didn't even give SF a chance. Honestly, no one can really experience the city by car - you have to be on foot inside the city - inside all its colorful, vibrant neighborhoods and communities, - it has so much to offer - especially talented artists such as yourself. oh well, maybe you'll come visit me and I can show you what I'm talking about and we can talk about all your experiences on your trip. Until we meet again....best wishes.