Jul 18, 2007

Day 13,14,&15: I'm a man now...

Still in Kanabe. Actually it's called Paria, I think. It's at least 40 miles to the nearest real town, and in real town, that just means stores with food and gas.

I'm a man now... I've ridden on a horse, and cooked 17 tbone steaks on a big ass grill all at once.. Arg Arg arg!

One day I helped cook as well as clean the horses. After being ridden, where the saddle is, the hair gets matted and it has to be brushed out for appearance and for healthy hair. It was nice. The horses are very friendly and attention seeking. If you are 'petting'? one, another will come over and try to get the attention. Very sweet.

Las Vegas

It sucked.
It's dirty.
Surrounded by low income/ghetto and surly people.
I didnt win any money.
The buffets were not great.
Not as impressive as I thought it would be.

Better go work and cook some more steaks. ;)

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Ty said...

Too bad about Vegas. What's next? Back to the ranch? Or onward and upward?