Jul 16, 2007

Day 12: Kanabe

I think it's day 12?

So I ended up on Paria Ranch yesterday, and it seems I might be staying here a while. The owner offered me an opportunity to stay and work.

The first night a group from Trek America showed up. Approximately 10 young travelers from Korea, and the UK were here. They were a crazy fun group. It was one of their birthday's so I was invited to hang out at their toga party. Unfortunately, there were not enough sheets for me to go in toga style. ;)

We danced, drank, and played some games... games... hrm... I wont go into that... ;) Ask me...

Needless to say, it has been the highlight to the whole trip. I met some wonderful people.

Antelope Canyon, Bryce, Glen Canyon Dam

Then I visited Antelope Canyon. Most beautiful place. In the late afternoon, the sunlight shines down into the canyon and illuminates the rocks.

Bryce - I visited Bryce Canyon NP. Since I've been touring the Nps I've gotten pretty burnt out on seeing rock. Awe-inspiring certainly, yet I've gotten bored of rocks for now.

Glen Canyon Dam - Went swimming in the Glen Canyon Dam. Pretty nice, surrounded by escalating staircase mountains of red rock.

The Kanabe, Page, area is a great place to relax... If you are headed in the direction and need some R&R, come to Paria Ranch. Ill post the info once I find it. Its milepost 22, HWY 89.

Horseback Riding

I also went horseback riding with Easton the owner of the Paria Ranch. If ever you want to get away and be treated with great service, come here. It's peaceful and beautiful.

I had never gone horseback riding so it was awesome. I can see how people could fall in love with it. Beyond that, it has been a relaxing break from driving and sight seeing. I might be staying here for the rest of the week.


In the middle of no where, in the hot Utah sun,
I met a girl with an even sunnier disposition
My heart laments, like a beautiful bird coming to sing on your windowsill,
Our meeting was brief and she had to fly away,
I fancied that I could fly with her anywhere,
as with her cheer and gentle nature, the sun would always follow.

Hope to cross paths with you again Lori, Laurie?, Lorrie?



sam said...

nice fanny pack

Anonymous said...

I think when you're as macho as someone willing to get a haircut in Mexico...it should be referred to as a Manny Pack.

Whoa! Work at the ranch? That's great! BTW: I'm way envious right now...sitting here in my 10x10, windowless, fluorescent (there's a reason it's spelled with the word flu), life sucking office.

How was the horse ride? We'll be going up there in Spring next year...we'll make it a point to see the ranch! ;D

Also, I see you have continued to slang free shirts. Nice.

Oh, did you have plans to see Yosemite? Old Faithful? Dinosaur, CO? Salt Flats? Just some more ideas.

Have you ever thought about screen printing Manny Pax?

Anonymous said...

I am very jelouse of you! sitting in front of my cubicle...wish in were somewhere cool!

Sounds like your having lots of fun!
If you come to MN let me know!

Mike M

Art Talk said...

Will you get to rope horses on your giant jackalope? Hooray for happy travels, and happy path-crossings! You should stay at this lovely place as long as you like, but someday when you leave you should also go to Zion National Park ... very different than the rockin' out you have done elsewhere in Utah. Regards from the Branca-Bellos-Bradley crew! -ali

Rick Bradley said...

I 2nd that Zion emotion. Totally badass.

I thought you were still in the planning stages -- glad to see you made the leap. We come back from Italia and you're wrasslin' horses in the desert. Yeeehaaaaw!

Have fun!