Jul 14, 2007

Day 10: Got Lost, State Trooper, Foreigners think Americans are Fat, Sewed some wild Oats.

I'm starting to lose track of time now. I think it is Day 10.

So I sewed some wild oats. I took some wheat while hiking and buried it in the ground. I didnt have sex with a stranger, but woe, did it not get your attention? ;)


I've met some British, Austrailian, Japanese, Canadian, and Philipino travelers.

They are astonished at how fat the Americans are.
They aslo think Bush is a whanker, but in defense, one said "Its like that in any country. You just have to take a lesser asshole over another..."

I've picked up the word, "Dodgy."

Hole N the Rock

Moab was nice. There was one place called Hole N the Rock. Some people in the 50's blew out a home in the side of a rock mountain. It was moderately interesting for being so hokey. The man there loved to paint pictures of Jesus. They all looked the same except for the hair. In some images his hair was curly, then in some, more straight than anything else.

He also carved a bust of FDR in the side of the mountain. It is a mystery why he loved FDR so much... as the tour guide said.

Got Lost

tomtom has always been helpful until yesterday. I was driving through some really beautiful wooded mountains and I arrived at Loa. A farming community. It was late in the day so the sun was going down, and it was most beautiful and peaceful. The valleys looked as if they were from that movie where the woman and her kids are singing, Do Re Mi Fa... some about Germany. Very famous... but not famous for me to remmeber the name at this time.

So, Im driving through Loa, and tomtom instructs me to turn to the fastest route. tomtom has no disctinction of gravel roads vs main paved roads. It lead me to a gravel road...

So I ended up driving til 1:30am in the morning going from town to town trying to find a place to stay. Unfortunately everything had been closed so I had to accept being ripped off at a local motel chain. $60 mistake. At least I had a nice room, free soap, tv, etc etc.

State Trooper.

Got pulled over. I wasnt speeding. It was my first nice experience with a police officier. In Texas and many of the states I have been traveling in, they require a plate on the front and back. He was curious about my jimiyo.com plate on the front of my car. After a few minutes of explaining, I gave him a business card which he gladly took. He might look me up... if he does... Thanks officer J.W.! You are a swell chap!

Out here in the west, there are open ranges so cows, and deer roman freely on the road at times. Usually later in the evening.

Cows, and deer, apparently do not respond to the greeting "Sup?" They just look at you with disdain.

At the Hole N the Rock, I also met some animals. An ostrich, who had much contempt for me. He was sassy and uttered something anti-semitic, though I am not Jewish. I took him down by hitting his achillies heel. I told him he had fat thighs.

There was also a kangaroo, who hid his face. I know if it was because he was sleepy and he was hiding the sun from his eyes, or because he was ashamed, that he had slept with an obese American.

Bryce Canyon

Im totally rocked out. Rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Im pretty much rocked out like when I saw Motley Crue in the 80's. Really I never saw motley crue.

So Im looking forward to seeing some wooded areas or otherwise non mountainous landscape.

I ended up in Kanabe, UT today.

I think Im going horseback riding in the early morning. I've never ridden a horse, and once I have done so, I can mark it off my to do list. Hopefully the horse will not be as sassy as the ostrich.

All the national parks though have some really great places to camp. I wish I had some time, and energy.

One more thing. I almost pissed my pants.

Driving through the canyons, there came a portion of the road where I was surrounded by canyons, essentially driving atop the mountains. It was a 14% grade, with sharp curves. It was very unnerving. It was really cool though!


Cheerio! Dont know where I will go after this. Las Vegas might have to be skipped. Too many dodgy people there... and just the name 'sin' city does not really attract me....

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Anonymous said...


I was thinking after our convo the other day about Sin City. I was thinking it'd be cool to open a day spa called Zen City (which I'm sure there already is one).

Well, K-dawg and I are going to stop in to see Vegas. We thought about staying at Circus Circus...just since it's the hotel from Fear and Loathing. I've heard the shows on the streets (stunt or otherwise) are great and FREE! Not to mention the cost of food is cheap.

If you go that'a way. You may wanna stop in and visist the aliens at Area 51.



Oh, and the city that I was mentioning about the Gooines. HEY YOU GUYS! You have to shout that if you go! It's the city of Astoria, Oregon. That's where the town hall has a Goonies gift shop and you can see all the places used in the movie.

And here's the link to the Haystack Rock -
It's just down the road from Astoria.

BTW: I've heard that Portland is a great place for crafties and Granolas, etc. And I've heard this shirt sums up the town...