Jul 13, 2007

Day 7: Moab Utah - Health Fanatic Heaven & Recruiter Contact

I stayed at the Lazy Lizard hostel. It wasnt as fancy as the Flagstaff hostel, but a decent experience none the less.

Actually is Friday Day 8?

At first I was apprehensive as I met my next door tenant. He had just recently been released from jail for non-violent crimes. After we talked for a few minutes, I felt better. Some people just makes some bad decisions I suppose. I know Ive made a few.

I went to Arches National Park. It was probably the most awesome park I have been, even more so than the Grand Canyon.

I took many photos. The Arches are rock formations, that eseentially look like arches, mounuments, etc.

I decided to hike to the Delicate Arch. I am so out of shape. Its only 1.5 miles in, but its listed as moderately strenuous. It was hot, and I had to stop twice on the hike up the side of the mountain.

Once I arrived at the Delicate Arch, it was well worth it. Google Delicate Arch, you will be familiar with the imagery.

There were so many wonderful formations. I must have took 40+ pictures.

---- other highlights.

I saw 5 sheep traveling along side the interstate with a sheep dog apparently herding them back to the sheep farm which was about 1 mile further down the road.

I forgot to mention in Texas? The speed limit is 75-80, but the speed goes down to 65 at night. The park ranger warned people to heed the night speed limit because the wildlife mainly come out at night. Erm, just like freaks.... Erm... its a song. Freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at niiiight.

Anyways on my way back form the Carlsbad Caverns at night time, there were these HUGE jackrabbits. I must have seen from 50-100 in the 130 miles span back to El Paso. They taunted me.... they teased me.... from right next to the concrete they waited for the perfect moment to sacrifice themselves to blemish my car...

But fortunately, they were all on Zoloft or Prozac, or some other form of antidepressant as none even attempted to cross the road.

So... the recruiter that I was referred to wrote me back. They seem to be excited that I was referred to them... So I may be looking into possibly looking for a job out west after I get back. I'm not going to name drop right now, since nothing could happen, but the design companies are fairly popular worldwide, so if I can get in... It will be HUGE!

Im headed for some small town near the Bryce National Park. Im going to be roughing it and camping there...

I'll post pictures when I can...



Seek inside what is just and right, and you shall find it.
Conversely seek what is self-fulfilling and of ill intent and you shall find it.
Seek nothing...
And a dull, listless, life of mediocrity will FIND YOU.

You have no menaing on this earth, unless you give meaning to the lives of others.

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Anonymous said...

MAN! I can't wait to MOAB! Well, there is a MOAB in Murfreesboro...Murfreesboro Outdoors And Bicycles. I've seen it, but I'm sure it's not as awe inspiring.