Jun 25, 2007

Some Recycled Art & Trademarking My Name Today

I just built this using my small set of stock vector I created. I'm going to be making alot more. It's amazing how fast I can whip up something pretty decent when you have the resources already created. I feel a little more confident about spending a few months developing the stock vector. I will not get paid until I finish them, upload them, and sell them. But I think it will be a awesome resource for me and other designers.

Looks alright as a skateboard too eh?

My friend Jason wanted me to throw my skateboard design on a shirt to send to prospective clients. I think he has connections with No Limits, which is a UFC training center. That would be awesome to 'get in' with them. They are the next big sport they say. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in running man? Yeah. That's in the future!


So today is my first day of semi-unemployment, and I'm anxious. It's an odd and scary feeling to know that tomorrow, I won't be making any money through a regular paycheck.

I still woke up, and went to the office where I am writing this at 7 in the morning. They are allowing me to work on my Jimiyo stuff, and use the internet. How awesome are my employers? Here's props. Active-Creations.com.

I still have tons of work to do as far as Jimiyo Art & Apparel goes so it's not like I don't have anything to do.

It's a week or so before I leave on the road trip as well. I'm getting ready. It causes some anxiety as well. I don't want to stay in hotels because it would not be economical, so I'll stay in campgrounds, hopefully some hostels, and occassionally crashing at some friends/relatives homes.

I started thinking about eating too. What do you eat when you don't have a refrigerator?

So, we'll see. If I accomplish nothing else, I just really want to see the Redwood Trees in upper California.

It's going to be kinda weird. The amount of time I will have in solitude... true, undistracted solitude will increase drastically. At home, although I live alone, I have my art (Photoshop), music, and a handful of movies to keep me occupied.

I've mocked up a hangtag, and sew in label for my t-shirts. Regardless of whether the retail program gets picked up or not, I want to take my shirts to the next level. Currently I have no tags, no identifaction whatsoever, except maybe an signature.

I figure I have a good product(s). Women buy it. Now I just need to get it in front of more people. It's all a numbers game.

Today I will be trademarking my name and avatar as advised by my employers. What began as a hobby and entertainment is slowly becoming something I didn't imagine it could become.

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