Jun 25, 2007

Frickin Awesome Funny Poem I Wrote Long Ago... & Applied for Trademark Done

I was using Wayback Machine. If you have had a website online, see if it archived a snapshot of your website. You can also take a gander at mine.

But while browsing through an old archive of my site, I found this AWESOME POEM about heartbreak.

cold now since my lover departed,
my future, now vague and uncharted.
i stepped out underneath the crisp night sky,
gazed upon a bright star as midnight drew nigh.
thought to myself if my lover had gazed,
on the same star in the sky that blazed.
but then i realized it was just like an airplane landing near the airport where i live,
so probably, probably not.
they're really loud.

Here are some other good odds n' ends long forgotten.

boy burpin hearts... ;)

"i was not an artist in february..."

"I bought some furniture... I dont have a couch, nor a television, but I have a spiral clothing rack for the Dec 9th show. LOL."

caption 'please, please, finish my hand. i am very sad that you havent rendered my hand.'

Ahhh..... ENTERTAINING... for me at least.


It was relatively easy. It can be done all online. Provided that my mark and name is not already taken (unlikely), it will be registered under my name in about 13-18 months. How fast is the government eh?

Here's the government website for trademarking your product or name.

Now, before my employer presents it to our sales and marketing connection, I'm going to spiffy up the presentation. Apparently they go through hundreds of comps, so mine has to be the complete package of kickass. Biography, T-shirt art, hang tag art, Jimiyo Label art... All have to be in a super killer presentation.

Even if we don't get in, the presentation will be spot on for selling to other stores, etc. It would even make for a killer portfolio piece.

Blah blah blah! It's kinda exciting. I named my web page "the birth of an artist" in 2002. Indeed, Indeed!

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