Jun 16, 2010

Updated, Updated Custom Homepage

So a few weeks back I posted a blog (which is now very rare) about my custom homepage I created to help me become more efficient with my daily work tasks.

For more information read here:

I have a new revision!

I am eliminating the check boxes altogether, and then changing the code to change the followed links to the background color, which in effect makes them invisible.

I've been using my homepage since I created it, and I seem to be going to the same links regardless of if I've completed the tasks.

I am hoping that with them being invisible, I will be less likely to click since subconsciously it gives the visual links more priority.

Also in the past few weeks, I've tested and eliminated various websites I no longer feel are worthwhile visiting/investing time in. I used to post on various art sites to try to promote my work but after seeing the lack of traffic and low response rate, I'm dedicating my time in different sites that produce more results in traffic and exposure.

BTW, checking a sites traffic by using compete.com or alexa.com is a worthwhile 1 minute of your time to see if entering/participating in a community will be worth your time. Why promote your art to 5 people, when you can go elsewhere and promote it to 1000? With Facebook/Twitter/Etc it's almost to a point where an artist themselves can become a bigger traffic generator than some fly by night blog/community/etc.

There are a couple news ones that seem promising. RedBubble, Society6, BlueCanvas, and tried and true DeviantArt. Twitter in general seems to be waning in effectiveness so I've jumped on the Facebook wagon... Obviously on the back end since... literally everyone, and THEIR MOTHERS, UNCLES, GRANDMOTHERS, ETC are on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimiyo, is it okay to email you ?? I'm not needing anything but I would like to talk to you?

alanbernard said...

Hey mate, hope everything is ok on your end, you've been quiet. :) Missed your blog posts.

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