Jan 6, 2010

Original Pencil Sketches for Sale *Added Fing Rad Painting

These are hand drawn on regular 11 x 14 sketch paper in a spiral notebook. Notes are scribbled on some. They are in a spiral notebook will have to be removed. I could probably disassemble the wires so I would not have to rip them out.

Click to view larger. Email offer to jimiyo.com@gmail.com.








Kevin said...

beautiful. i'm liking the owl sketch especially. it sort of reminds me of horkey

Chadlonius said...

I always love your pencil work.

Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

Man if I had just a little more moola that owl would be mine haha, nice sketches

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to send Fing Rad to your mom????

The owl is wonderful (I seem to have developed a love of things "owl"), but lack funds as usual.

Good luck on the sale.

Snarkygal said...

That last comment was from me LOL...