Jan 5, 2010

I Googled "Twitpic Crashed My Firefox" and Got Porn

This blog may not be suitable for some ultra-sensitive readers as it acknowledges the existence of pornography.


The other day I googled "Twitpic crashes firefox," because well, to tell the truth, Twitpic was crashing my Firefox

And I followed a google link with the exact same verbiage to a twitter profile of @NikkiSims.

It seems Twitpic is crashing her Firefox as well.

Apparently @NikkiSims is a online nude model. The dirty kind. It was odd though, because instead of a spam twitter profile, browsing some of the twitters, it actually read like a regular twitter profile, with the all too typical trite twitters about what she is eating, mood, etc.

It confused me, as it doesn't take the typical marketing stance that one would think condusive to Social Media Marketing. So it seems this profile is legit. It's a profile of a girl who gets nude, and makes money doing so.


So I've been dropping by on occasion, and I update my peer MJ, who maintains Teefury's social media outlets, as it's interesting to us as a case study in marketing, or the lack thereof.

Anyways, we chatted about it.


dbh-jimiyo: just an update on porn star twitter

dbh-jimiyo: "still sick as hell but have to get my nails done and go tanning so I can try to shoot on Thursday. Not happy :("

dbh-jimiyo: "@JessieLynne mine know, my mom doesnt really like it, my dad is actually cool with it cuz "im using what I was given to my advantage"
dbh-jimiyo: about posing nude
dbh-jimiyo: dad is ok with it
dbh-jimiyo: LOL

Michelle: oh man lol

dbh-jimiyo: theres the problem
Michelle: i bet he is lol
dbh-jimiyo: dad was probably ok with other things

***** EDIT: Cheap Shot Joke. Very judgemental.

dbh-jimiyo: apparently she is sick too
dbh-jimiyo: "still feeling like death, ughhhhhhh icky."
Michelle: that's so awkward lol
dbh-jimiyo: HIV and all
dbh-jimiyo: jokes jokes
dbh-jimiyo: i shouldnt say that, just because someone poses nude does not make them promiscuous and diseased

***** EDIT: Cheap Shot Joke #2. Very judgemental.

Michelle: i can't imagine that's information any viewer would want lol
dbh-jimiyo: ha
dbh-jimiyo: HA

Michelle: you should DM her marketing tips
dbh-jimiyo: HA
dbh-jimiyo: I DO have more followers
dbh-jimiyo: lol
Michelle: lololol

Michelle: that should be your new motto
Michelle: jimiyo's twitter: people like it better than porn!

dbh-jimiyo: DM You should change your twitter background daily to twitter exclusive images so you get more followers
dbh-jimiyo: DM: you should offer downloads of twitter only followers of sneak peaks
dbh-jimiyo: etc

Michelle: lol
Michelle: yes

dbh-jimiyo: DM Also, can you pose like -insert dirty pose--
Michelle: hahahahaha

dbh-jimiyo: sorry, i was surfing and studying
dbh-jimiyo: you wouldnt like her
dbh-jimiyo: she has tattoos
Michelle: lol

dbh-jimiyo: it seems she is a Classy nude model
dbh-jimiyo: classy as being, she only shows her boobies, but not the pachingo
Michelle: yeah, that'll last
dbh-jimiyo: HA
dbh-jimiyo: HAAAAAAA
Michelle: hehehe

dbh-jimiyo: this find is blog worthy, but its risque topic
dbh-jimiyo: but i bet it would get traffic on accident
dbh-jimiyo: cause all the doods who surf for her pictures
Michelle: hahahaha


I'm going to label tag this post: Nikki Sims, porno, nude, sex

Maybe I'll see a increase in traffic. :D


thestray said...

Haha, yeah, those nekkid wimmenz are on the twitter. I like to keep myself abreast (pun so intended!) of what's goin on with nekkid wimmenz.

But on the real, doesn't seem strange to me, it's the same thing we do. Tweet about our art news when we have it, and the rest of the time just "shoot the shit" so to speak.

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