Aug 26, 2009

All the Jokes from the Last Few Weeks

Whilte trying to figure out who the celebrities were on Wotto's design

[2:45:52 PM] jimiyo: man. kurt was an attractive young man for being so emo and crap

[2:46:02 PM] Michelle: yup lol

[2:46:04 PM] jimiyo: so broody

[2:46:13 PM] jimiyo: its like

[2:46:17 PM] jimiyo: you WANT to cheer him up

[2:47:14 PM] jimiyo: this becoming successful in my career is really dampening my ability to be a tormented artist.

[2:47:24 PM] jimiyo: its probably hurting my chances with women too.


"The person is angry they are unable to read arent they? Although they
may be satiated by the pretty pictures, they hate themselves for not being able to read the phrase "Safe Unsubscribe" at the bottom of every email. I clicked it for them."


Photo Shoot at the office the other day. Im lonely... not really.


Approved a Zombie Salvador Dali design at the printer's the other day. I like to think that the Hispanic workers adore me.




[4:31:00 PM] jimiyo: hey michelle
[4:31:02 PM] jimiyo: tell me to stay strong and that
[4:31:07 PM] jimiyo: all of it is only in the mind
[4:31:17 PM] jimiyo: and i also
[4:31:26 PM] jimiyo: need some sort of patience

[4:31:35 PM] Michelle: hey jimi

[4:31:37 PM] jimiyo: and then give me a valium

[4:31:40 PM] Michelle: stay strong

[4:31:44 PM] jimiyo: yes

[4:31:47 PM] Michelle: it's all in your head bro

[4:31:47 PM] jimiyo: i will try michelle
[4:31:49 PM] jimiyo: yeah?
[4:31:56 PM] jimiyo: youre prolly right

[4:31:57 PM] Michelle: hell yeah man

[4:32:00 PM] jimiyo: huh
[4:32:05 PM] jimiyo: you are so wise

[4:32:06 PM] Michelle: relax, and you'll be fine

[4:32:12 PM] jimiyo: cool
[4:32:15 PM] jimiyo: i feel better
[4:32:17 PM] jimiyo: LAOLOLOLOL
[4:32:19 PM] jimiyo: srsly
[4:32:21 PM] jimiyo: that was good

[4:32:23 PM] Michelle: excellent :)

[4:32:26 PM] jimiyo: now
[4:32:30 PM] jimiyo: to BELIEVE it
[4:32:35 PM] jimiyo: wheres my valium!?!??

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