Apr 4, 2009

Video Montage & Joshua Tree

5 weeks have already passed since I moved to California. It's amazing how time flies.

I went hiking at the Joshua Tree National Park this weekend. The photos don't do any justice. I purchased an inter-agency annual pass so I hope to do more hiking in the nearby National Parks. I dislike the crowded city. It's nice to disappear into the wilderness at times.

It made me nostalgic for Utah and the road trip I took a year and a half ago, so I made a video montage of some of the places I've visited in the last two years.

Cheers ;j


snarkygal said...

Wonderful video. This country is full of awesome landscapes.

jimiyo said...

for sure. did you do alot of traveling when you were a hippie :D

in a painted van?

Kay Wilder said...

Joshua Tree National Park truly is stunning. One of my favorite places in CA, and the state certainly isn't lacking for neat places to go.

Adrian Davis said...

Wow, your photos are amazing! I wish I could travel there and take photos there as well. I often forget how beautiful America really is. Too bad I'm in Philly. :p

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