Apr 5, 2009

Hello Lunch!


Nick said...

nom nom nom

kat said...


i miss your constant updates and insights.


(my word verification is *unwed* - no shit)

jimiyo said...

i kinda miss writing, kat. i dont get to think much anymore. although i do enjoy being productive and having the chance at kicking ass at something new. i have the same feeling about DBH work as I do about my own artwork, i want to DESTROY and KICK ASS!


"unwed" lol. thats very Sex in the City-ish kinda of happenstance. you'd spend all day questioning yourself about being wed or not, narrated outloud in your head, but then by the end of the day, you would realize after watching the married friend fight or whatever, that are happy, that you are a strong and independent woman, and you are cool with that anyways, and dont know why it bugged you for the day. im not a funny jewish writer, but i just wrote an tv episode. boom. jokes jokes.