Apr 28, 2009

Truths from Tim

Tim is a coworker. He is a very straightforward, analytical, computer programmer/coder. We are similar... maybe not, nevermind. Possibly close Meyers Briggs temperament.

Here are some Tim observations I have found to be very entertaining.

1. "You like to complain."
2. "I'm surprised at how quickly you've become so venomous towards..."
3. "You joke so much I couldn't tell if you were serious or not."

Left out of context and without defense it easy to get the wrong idea about my personality...

I'll leave it out of context and without defense cause it's more awesome that way.

I agree with all of it. Number 3, I've heard from almost every girlfriend I have ever had.

I am interested in hearing future critiques or evaluations.

Maybe it's like hearing your name... Observations, especially keen/accurate ones from someone else, are somewhat endearing even if superficially they might seem offensive, as it means they actually noticed you.

Also, it might have to do with appreciating the ability of discernment of character as well the frankness of delivery. I appreciate that.

Anyways, I rarely ever update. Does anyone ever even read this blog anymore?



Rosebud said...

I read it!

Anonymous said...

I still read this!

Rude Retro said...

Me too.

jimiyo said...

Thanks Friends!

I Really Appreciate it! Work has usurped alot of my thinking time and writing time... I will try not to neglect the blog.

(Goes to find more awesome LOLCat Vids)

kat said...

I still read when you post. POST MORE! sorry to raise my voice at you, but I miss you now that you're in the big time with your tweet deck and all.

Shana said...

I second Kat's comment (including raised voice).

Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

I read this fo sho

Ameeee said...

I read still too - we miss your blogs :)

Brent said...

yup, I still read it, too. Tweets are good, but jimiyo blog posts are GREAT.