Apr 26, 2009

Painting Again!

I did not work whatsoever this weekend.

Actually that's a lie, but at least I didn't obsess about DBH/TF work. It was only 3-5 hours worth.

I started painting again. It's very cathartic and challenging.

Loving cats started out as a joke, but really, I do love cats.

I made a joke, "Jimiyo, apparel designer, turned painter of cats."
I think it could work. I love cats, they make alot of people happy. There's probably a few bucks in it.

Here's a wip, and here's a finished.

(I think I might adopt two kitties. Some of the most happiest times were on the ranch with the kitties... Although, I fear the bully in me, also my tendency to need to be independent and free from responsibilities...)



kat said...

FING Rad!! love.

Ryan said...

Cat's rule! Literally. They tend to act like royalty.