Jan 5, 2009

Wow, I dont Believe. Diablo III SF IV

Stumbled on some videos of some upcoming sequels to some games I've enjoyed since my teenage years.

These are so awesome and seriously artistically beautiful, I might have to snag a game system or upgrade to a better computer once they come out.

Diablo III

Street Fighter IV


Zenne said...

I got fairly sick of Diablo after having a roommate who spent all of his free time playing Diablo II, haha.


Gamestop clerk: "Well, what kind of games do you like?"

Me: "Old games*, but you guys stopped selling them a few years ago."

Gamestop clerk: "OH, old games like DIABLO???"

*I miss being able to buy NES games.

Zenne said...

*Adam tells me he said "Diablo 2"

Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

Diablo III looks sick, I did guild wars for a while which was awesome minus the lack of support for the mac platform. If Blizzard releases it this century and we both end up playing, I'll give you my info hahahaha

AttilaTheMom said...

zomg! I must get D3 when it comes out! Now I need to reinstall D2 lol. :)

jimiyo said...

Zenne: Who the hell is Adam? heheheh. Srsly, is that your bf?

Andrew: That'd be tight. Man I only saw the previews the day they released the sneak peak on blizzard, so this video blows that away like made crazy. Definitely, I will be invest in DIII

Attila: Ha! I've done the install and beat DII DII process 4 times in my life. LOL. that game is Solid. I used Assasin one time, that was probably one of the fastest and easiest characters to beat it with.

Though Im usually a Paladin.

What's your preference?

Shana said...

This from the guy that got our family hooked on Peggle? (I had a dream last night that I couldn't finish until I hit the green pegs...what the what!?)

jimiyo said...

ha is josh playing it too? thats pretty awesome. most all the other popcap games are solid fun time wasters. book worm is good for nerds who love words. :D

hey... im a maven when it comes to entertainment... ok not really, but here comes the joke...

i also recommend masterbation. its great fun.

deja vu. have i already made this joke?

AttilaTheMom said...

I like them all but usually play the barbarian with 2 axes, wheee! Or the amazon.

jimiyo said...

Attila: Sweet. I have never tried cause I was scared to not have a shield. Sounds pretty tight!