Jan 5, 2009

Please Vote & Rant

Rant: I erased the novel of a rant, because I realized contrary to the assumed belief of another person,

I am fair.
I am patient.
I was not hateful.
I am not arrogant.
I am a decent person.

I REALLY NEED YOUR VOTES. I totally suck at painting, and if I ever want to sell paintings, I feel like Im gonna need at least 2-3 years to even just get decent at the medium, so please vote so I can make some money while I learn how to become a painter.

My Virtuous shirt got approved for voting at hereitself.com. I've never submitted to them, but they seem pretty legit, and the booty is tight. $1750 if you win. Whooo!





Zenne said...

Now I am intensely curious about what you posted :p

I've seen that site around. They made a deviantart account and I guess they poked around for designers, and commented on my page asking to join, haha. Copy-pasted, of course - "603 Deviant Comments"

p.s. waiting to see what the band thinks of my prices. Sent a note a few hours ago.

Thank you :)

Chadlonius said...

Damn, your serious about this fine art thing huh? - Inspirational.

jimiyo said...

I'm not sure Chad. Ask me at the end of the year. heheh. I certainly hope that at least this year, I try to branch out more into traditional media.

I've started a couple times before with oils...


The only thing is I worry about retirement, and being a douchebag.

antidote i heard which i enjoy

in your 20s, aspiring to be an artist is admirable

in your 30s, aspiring to be an artist is honorable,

in your 40s, and you havent made it, you're just a douchebag

I don't know man. I wanna figure it out, but i dont want to be a douchebage, not be able to "retire", and make shirt designs for the rest of my life...

I think there will be a revolution against wearing shirts, and people will go around naked with their birdchests and titties hanging out by 2010 anyways. Im just preparing.

Zenne: Good Luck!

Chadlonius said...

LOL, funny anecdote. T-shirts will be around forever dude. The fine art prints you create for a gallery may be on a t-shirt someday, think about that. anyway, you should explore every avenue you have available as you are doing because you never know what will turn up. keep up the good work, but don't stop making those awesome tees.