Jan 27, 2009

Admission of Possibilities

These are my words. These words are possible truths. Comments are **not closed.

"but I am prepared to accept the fact that, although I may be a decent artist, I may not be meant to be a great artist, which means that my livelihood might not be based on my creating art as I am skilled in other areas. There are those who are naturally geniuses in art, unfortunately I am not one of them. By works I may be able to attain such moderate great heights, but only through works and a great deal of marketing efforts, so it is only a perceived value of my works, not an innate value of natural skill."


Godmachine said...

us westerners like to place value and worth on so many things. can we weigh loss? can we measure pain? so what makes us think we can measure such things as you mention? I may never be a 'great' artist- but I may yet still be a 'great' friend to someone- and that means so much more to me.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, i dont really care what you think but your one of the best artist i know, what people think is fine art is different depending on how you look at it. you have a lot of pics i would pay lots of money (if i had it) to have hanging on my wall, i think a lot of it is just the economy and the times and i think its just in general a hard time to be an artist.

Mike M

Madphill said...

Yet...you're "rarely available for freelance"

Don't beat yourself up.

jimiyo said...

I appreciate all your responses.

I wanted to clarify my personality and how I express things. I'm not down on myself by stating how I feel. I feel I am more making a quantitative judgment on my abilities, and am not discrediting that there is possibilities of attaining higher levels of accomplishment.

It like how any sports teams are broken down into leagues. Baseball...

I'm not a major league player, but I'm not Class A ball player either.

I feel it's OK to express the possibility of not being able to reach the major leagues.

I'll try my hardest, but I mean, there's nothing wrong with stating the facts of possible outcomes.

I could just as easily say, Yeah, well Im going to be famous. Which I have also said that I was going to be...

I express both sides.

I truly do appreciate all your comments and encouragement. It helps me keep going.