Oct 15, 2008

TheFamiliarStranger Interview

A fellow contest winning designer and industry professional, dhectwenty, interviewed me for his new blog. I admire Herman (dhectwenty) because he moved from Canada? to Hong Kong recently in pursuit of bigger opportunities in the design world, as well as having a unique style in design that has already captured the eyes of many fans and clients.

If you would like to read the interview please follow the link below. Please excuse some of the language and content, I thought it be a much more interesting read if I presented my feelings in a direct and unfiltered manner.

TheFamiliarStranger Jimiyo Interview

Herman's Work


AttilaTheMom said...

nice interview jimi. are you giving more thought to doing portraits (if I remember right you said you were interested in doing those again). just don't knock yourself as an artist ok? sure there will always be some who are "better", but "better" in art is such a subjective thing, just do your own thing and do it as best you can. :)

jimiyo said...

not sure what market i will try to get in...

as far as the better/best. i know im good... maybe even great... im not self deprecating, i just evaluated my skills against someone else's. i can see the value/weaknesses in the other person's work, just as i can with mine. must be hard on self anyways... otherwise no growth.

im thinking book illustrations or something. i would not know how to get into portraits.

id like to do something crazy next year... something extraordinary.

Dutch said...

amazing designs, Is this one from DBH? What would you charge for a shirt design like the ones on my site at http://www.wizeguyztees.com
email me at wgwear@gmail.com if you would, thanks.