Oct 14, 2008

New Design WIP: Ramble On

I miss how I felt alive out there by myself.


Alan said...

This design is great! Let me quess... Seahorse? The composition is tight, yet not stagnant.

As always wonderful work.

jimiyo said...

Thanks Alan. :)

Hrmmm... I hadn't thought about a seahorse, but totally makes sense, since there is an anchor, and what looks like water/waves.

Just supposed to be a regular horse, I felt it fits the theme of being free, roaming, and I used to tend the horses in Utah, which this is about.

On the bottom you can see there are sandstone/rock monument landscapes under a "autumn moon". It's still not rendered out but the linework is there.

Im kinda excited about this one. It's been a while since Ive done something personal.

Later Mate! ;j