Oct 30, 2008

Hrm & Found a Beautiful Song & Running & Almost Finished Anchor


Talking to Layne from Teefury.com on IM, Layne said, "You are much more self deprecating than I thought you would be."

My unfiltered immediate reaction was quite humorous even to me,
"Dizang... (pause) I am self depracating."
Mispelling which I later pointed out. LOL
I'm surprised even in rebuttal my persona maintained itself quite accurately too. LOL.

It was kind of an Aw Snap moment.

Who knows why, but I know its very true. It's not a very attractive trait. LOLLOLOLOLOLOL... I am still indirectly continuing the deprecation.

I'm gonna fix it.


On Running

Me and Dwayne, we ain't quitters, at least yet...

We've been running for approximately a month now. I never believed my mid 30's friends I knew in my youth complainin' about their bodies breaking down until recently. Our routine has been occasionally interrupted by My subtle injuries and pains, that I never experienced when I ran when I was younger. There's an orchestra of pains and pangs in my lower limbs and knees. We've reduced our regimen to every other day for healing and it's helped dramatically.

I haven't timed another mile yet, but we have had significant progress as we sometimes easily jog a mile without being as winded.

If anything, my desire for Dwayne to make it into and through the Police Academy helps me want to continue when I no longer want to run.

We joke that we are doing it for what I call a "Lifestyle Change!" as I make other exclamatory statements like, "for better health, respect, chicks will dig us!"

I don't know if it will cause a dramatic change in lifestyle, but I do feel it does seem to provide a sense of peace. Sometimes my brain, an annoying thing, is cluttered with useless musings, and sometimes while running, looking down at the pavement, watching my feet, there is nothing there except just doing... similar to when I'm inking a piece of art. Running seems a much healthier alternative to short circuiting my brainz with alcohol or formerly nicotine or online shopping.

We'll see. I hope for good things.

Found a Beautiful Song

If you love music, I recommend Rescue Records. Click the speaker next to You Can Count on Me by Aiden Falls. Unfortunately, I cannot find a legal copy to purchase on the internet.

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