Sep 16, 2008

UpgraDead Arrived & Free Skulls & PTH2 & Did I ask?

I didn't think I would like my own design, but it's obnoxiously huge, and although many people dissed it on Woot because of the big slapped on text, you know what? I did right! It looks like an old cruddy b horror movie poster. I think it's my new favorite personal design. I do have the one from Artcotic - Searching for Qumran coming though, Im actually pretty excited about that one.

Buy UpgraDead Here. Not to brag or anything, it's just exciting... Every shirt sold after the first day of Woot sales nets me $2. So far, I've made $62$102 sitting on my ass.

Free Skulls will be released this week sometime. Medium res raster skulls extracted from background intended for reference or slapping into a design.

Protest the Hero - Et Tu Brutus Revamp - Sent the separations to them today, so hopefully they will have it available before year's end. Those guys have ended up being some pretty swell Canadians!

Did I ask... Can I have your vote so I can win $10,000?


sam said...

Brains for dinner
Brains for lunch
Brains for breakfast
Brains for brunch
Brains at every single meal
Why can't we have some guts
Hey hey hey


eyeslikesugar said...

Yay Jimi! My boyfriend and I are excited to receive ours. :D

Anonymous said...

WTF is WOOT?! Are you rich now?!


Andrea said...

This will be only my second zombie shirt so very cool. I might even have to try the segway race course next year at gencon. While wearing this shirt of course. Good luck at dbh. :)

artulo said...

I like the text much better in this version.

Chris Risse said...

got mine today, the design is bigger than I thought, which is a good thing.