Sep 17, 2008

I Ain't Too Proud to Beg

I have decided to offer 10 winners, $100 if I win the DBH 10K contest. For details, check Though, the payout is contingent on my winning the contest.

This is my reasoning, and I'm certain that many people will think that my tactics are shallow, but

Art is Business.
I've done all I can for this contest.

1. Submitted TEN designs in a month's time into the contest, of which over half reached a significant vote count. If by votes, at least two, if not up to four should have been in round two.

2. Submitted two solid free resources to GoMediaMagazine in order to gain exposure and solicit votes from their readership.

3. Sent out 3 newsletters to 700+ Friends/Family/Fans.

4. Solicited the help of Protest the Hero through having a bulletin posted to their 92,000+ myspace friends. Unfortunately, it was just a bulletin which can be easily ignored/overlooked.

5. Spoke to a class at the Art Institutue about freelancing/contests, so I could solicit their votes.

6. Created a t-shirt design tailored for Woot's market, to be sold as a daily, so I could reach their customer base of 75,000-150,000 for exposure.

7. Posted in several forums and newsletters offering three original drawings to solicit votes and comments.

8. Obtained 2 TeeFury t-shirt printings to obtain more exposure for my DBH entry.

So... I've done all that I can...

I came to believe after working in a corporate environment and even for a small business, it's not about working hard that would make one successful, it's about the people you know, and networking. Certainly working hard is important, but The Good Ole Boy network is a Reality. You scratch people's backs, they scratch yours.

BUT even outside of employment, in freelancing for example, there still exists the Good Ole Boy network. Aside from good work, you have to Get In.

And by Get In, it's winning people to your side, whether through friendship, symbiotic exchanges, as well as just being a stand up hard working guy and earning deserved respect.

Some people can choose to use unscrupulous tactics to succeed, but rarely (incorrect!) do persons of such character succeed in the world... except for those CEOS of the now bankrupt stock broker companies who had retirement severances in excess of millions of dollars. They won regardless.

So yeah... I ain't too proud to beg, and I don't think my tactics are unscrupulous.

I am just fighting the good fight. Ha!

You want a chance to win $100? Visit for details.


Chris Risse said...

would it make things easier for you if I voted 10 times?

Andrew Lapinski-Barker said...

Hahahaha, although a little off topic I'm sure you will be glad to here this jimiyo. I went to a college near my house to play table tennis for a night and when I walked in there was someone wearing the zombie shirt that woot just printed. I ambled up to him and said "did you rush order it?" and he says "the paddle?" and I say "no the shirt" and he looks at me and smiles. He thought the shirt was awesome and mentions that he buys from woot a lot. So just to let you know, I've already spotted one of the many that were sold

jimiyo said...

thats really awesome Andrew!

Risse: just one vote is fine. haha... provided it was in the final round. LULZ

i doubt i will make any further efforts after today.

NOOO MORE NEWSLETTERS. except maybe a thank you for support email.